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Leave a Real Legacy: Business Succession Planning

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Leave a Legacy That’s About Much More Than Just Your Money


As an entrepreneur, your legacy may be the most significant issue you think about when it comes to what matters most to you – your family and your work in the world.


After you are gone or in the event of your incapacity, your loved ones, family, business partner, clients, vendors, and others will miss you deeply.  Your business needs to be able to go on to support them.


You will either leave them with a legacy that is meaningful, easy to manage or cash out, and keep supporting them or you will leave them with a big mess to deal with.


Time and time again, this issue is overlooked by business owners and business lawyers serving their business owner clients.


Not here.

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From Set-up to Exit: An Ongoing Conversation

Once your business entity is incorporated and online with agreements, insurance, intellectual property planned for and protected, and financial systems filling the coffers, Blyss shifts the conversation away from set-up to the all-important exit.


It’s not the first time Blyss will have discussed it, as all of Cruz Law's business set-ups are planned for based on the clients' eventual exit plans, whether that is selling the business at a certain point, operating it for income as long as desired, or passing the business on upon death.


Blyss will have an ongoing conversation throughout your life and the life of your business.


Together, we will explore what can be done today to ensure your business can and will continue to serve you and your clients well, whether you're on vacation, taking a health break, retiring, or when you pass it on to loved ones after you are gone.


In addition, through Cruz Law's unique legacy process, Blyss will ensure you leave your loved ones a tangible expression of your love for them far beyond your money or even your business. 

Capturing Your Business and Family Legacy

Image by Laura Fuhrman

Imagine you had a music-album-length message from your great-grandfather talking about his life during the Great Depression. He is talking about how he made his money, ran his business, and the most important lessons he learned along the way.  


Would that be valuable to you and your family today?

Of course, it would.  


There’s no more valuable asset than the lessons we have learned.


Most of these lessons are passed down from one generation to the next only inadvertently, not intentionally or consciously at all.  


Imagine the wealth your family would have if lessons could be passed down consciously.


Blyss knows that the lessons of the past hold a tremendous amount of value, and those who can will harness those lessons and build on that foundation. Those who have figured that out are the most prosperous and have the easiest and most enjoyable lives.


Because Cruz Law wants this for your family too, Blyss uses a proprietary process for ensuring that you pass on these most valuable lessons in the most conscious, direct, and clear way she knows how.


If this interests you, please ask Blyss more about it when you come in for your LIFT Business Strategy Session.


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