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Tax Strategies Save You Big Bucks

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Don't Get Blindsided

When you structure your tax situation properly, you could be paying less than 10% of your income in taxes. Yes, less than 10%. 


Or, if you plan poorly in this area or neglect to plan at all, you could be paying as much as 50% of your income in taxes.


Strategic planning makes the difference.


Paying more in taxes means so many things you really don’t want:

  • You are leaving less for your family and your legacy

  • You are living on less and limiting what you can invest in your business

  • You are operating in fear because you have no idea what this year’s tax liability will be

  • You are dreading the next meeting with your CPA because they will ask for records you do not have readily available, which turns the meeting into planning your to-do list that you don't think you have time to deal with


While Blyss is not a tax advisor, this is another one of those areas where Cruz Law supports you with creative business strategies that ensure you are meeting regularly with your CPA and strategizing in advance of tax season, which will help avoid getting blindsided by a huge tax burden that you didn't plan for. 


Blyss will even meet personally with you and your CPA as part of Cruz Law's higher-level business growth membership programs so that you understand the tax strategies that your CPA recommends, and so that you are able to easily make decisions about what might be complex issues.


You can look to Cruz Law for help with saving money on taxes, understanding your taxes, and most importantly, taking action on the advice you receive when it comes to reducing your tax liability. 


Schedule Your LIFT Business Strategy Session today by calling (907) 313-9605 or online by clicking on the button below. 

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