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Your Lawyer for Life

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Cruz Law's Family Wealth VIP Membership plans are part of what set Blyss Cruz apart, and they allow her to care for you and your family throughout all life's stages.


At most estate planning law firms, the relationship ends when you sign your documents. Blyss sees the signing of your estate planning documents as just the beginning of her relationship with your family. 

Make Sure Your Plan Changes with Your Life, Your Assets, and the Law

Over time, your assets will change, your family will change, the law will change, and your life will change.


Your plan must accommodate all of these changes in order to make sure your plan works when your family needs it the most. If your plan is not properly updated over time, your documents become worthless - worth no more than the paper they were printed on. And the costs of failing to update are typically far greater than keeping your plan current.


In addition, Cruz Law ensures that your assets are owned in the right way throughout your life. There are currently billions of dollars sitting in State Unclaimed Property depots and Blyss never wants to see a penny of your assets there. Or for your family to be stuck dealing with the court when you’ve worked so diligently to make things as easy as possible for them. That’s why at  Cruz Law, Blyss prepares a Family Wealth Inventory of your assets and keeps it up to date, year in and year out. Your loved ones will always be able to locate what you own and how you own it, if and when necessary.


Plan Review is Essential

With each of Cruz Law's estate plans, Blyss includes a no-charge three-year review to ensure that as your life changes, so does your estate plan, and to confirm that your assets are held properly for maximum protection.


By signing up for one of Cruz Law's Family Wealth VIP Membership Plans, you will receive the following benefits, and more:

  • Annual Plan review with unlimited Plan amendments;

  • Annual priceless conversations to transition your most important and most frequently lost family wealth - who you are and what’s most important to you; 

  • Annual membership in service, which provides 24-7 online access to health care and guardianship documents;

  • Substantial discount on fees for advising your loved ones after you’re gone;

  • Annual review of your assets and update of your asset spreadsheet; and

  • Much more, including valuable membership enrollment bonuses.


For more information about Cruz Law's unique membership programs, please schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session by clicking here. Let’s review what you own, who you love, and what would happen under your current plan or the State’s default plan for you.


Let Blyss help you protect the people and things you love to make sure they stay out of court and out of conflict. 

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